Sunday, 10 July 2016 08:28

An Evening of Burlesque

Scintillating, titillating, mesmerising, fantasizing, a place you’ve never seen, a world you’ve never been. Get ready for an Evening of Burlesque!

Enter a world unlike any other, where up is down where left is right, where dark is bright and where the ladies tease at night. You’ll cheer for the amazing visual spectacles you’ll see, you’ll witness the Ladies of Burlesque and you’ll leave….breathless.

Burlesque is the ultimate parody, it’s an escape from everything we accept as reality, it’s brash, it’s glamorous, it’s lude, it’s a little bit rude!

This is one of the oldest forms of classic variety and it's great seeing this art form alive. If life is all about experience then this is an experience unlike any other and not to be missed. It’s an evening for excess, it’s an Evening of Burlesque!

“A combination of sensuality, wit, magic, dancing and fabulous costumes” GQ Italy

“Sings with wit and passion” The Telegraph

“Burlesque sensation” The Guardian

“Every inch the moving, shaking, dancing s&x bomb” Mail on Sunday

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Date: 30 September 2016

Venue: Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre