Tuesday, 28 June 2016 16:24

Report All Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are any event targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards the person’s Disability, Race or Ethnicity, Religion or belief, Sexual orientation or Transgender identity. It can be in the form of verbal abuse, physical assault, domestic abuse, harassment and damage to property.

If someone is bullied as a result of their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity this is also dealt with, either as a Hate Crime or non-crime Hate Incident.  Bullying can be name-calling, being spat at or kicked, or having your things taken or damaged.

By reporting this when it happens to you may help prevent this happening to someone else. You can report if you are a victim, a witness or if you are reporting on behalf of someone else. There are a number of ways to report Hate Incidents and Crimes to Dorset Police, in an emergency dial 999 or dial 101 for non emergency matters or if you'd prefer you can report online to Dorset Police.

Hate Crime2 App

Working together to help victims of hate crime, Dorset Police, Borough of Poole and Bournemouth Borough Council have launched a pioneering App for iPhone and Android smartphones, produced to help victims of hate crime.  The App helps the most vulnerable members of society understand how to deal with the traumatic effect of such crimes, why it happens, how to report it and where to seek help and support. The App allows individuals to report in the moment and in the privacy of their own safe environment. 

To download the App, please scan the relevant QR code or visit the relevant App store (Google Play or iTunesfor your device and use the search facility by typing 'Hate Crime2'.