Tuesday, 20 January 2015 17:43

Valentine's Vice Versa Anniversary

On 14th February 2015, Vice Versa will be celebrating its third anniversary – which happens to fall on Valentine’s Day; so, it’s going be a romantic birthday!

To help celebrate, the popular night will be joined by guest DJ Kevin Brooks – well known in Bournemouth, having DJed for years at Bolts, Circus and Vice. Expect an extra-special house-music set from Kevin.

Three years ago, the collaboration between the Xchange and Dave Hunt gave birth to a monthly house-music night called Vice Versa. Right from the start, it proved popular, especially among those who wanted something in Bournemouth which provided cutting-edge house music of the type you’d enjoy if you headed to London or other clubs on the European circuit – yet had been desperately missing in Bournemouth.

From the outset, Vice Versa promised to bring you not just fresh new sounds, but also guest DJs from the UK’s gay scene. Over the past three years, we have done precisely that! Our guest DJs have included Dan Kelly, Lee Harris, Nik Denton, Emma Hebdige, Ben Ricci, Sharon O Love, Chris B and Jo Public.

In 2013, Luke Kitchiner joined Vice Versa as a resident DJ, bringing greater versatility to each night. The partnership between Luke and Dave proved ideal, each bringing his own take on the night – yet maintaining its style and direction.

During 2014, Vice Versa has also been recognised as a quality night out by the wider Bournemouth nightlife scene.

This past year has also seen Vice Versa having its own influence on the wider gay music scene, with its resident DJ Dave Hunt acquiring his first international residency in Brussels. So, Vice Versa can truly say that it reflects the European gay circuit – right here in Bournemouth!

As we excitedly enter our fourth year, we promise that we will continue to stick to our aim of providing a quality house-music night for the Bournemouth scene. We will also continue to bring high-quality guest DJs, plus our resident DJs will strive to continue with that great, fresh sound around which Vice Versa has built its reputation! 

Vice Versa parties always take place every month, on the second Saturday, at the Xchange. Come and find out what has made this night so popular.