Monday, 27 January 2014 00:00

Church Looks Forward to First Same Sex Marriage

A Bournemouth church welcomed the news from the Culture Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities Minister Maria Miller that marriages for same sex couples will begin on 29th March 2014.  

Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) says they look forward to performing marriage ceremonies in their church building on Hannington Road in Pokesdown which is registered for both marriages and civil partnerships.  


The Reverend Dwayne Morgan, pastor of the church, said they are thrilled with the announcement.  “This is something our church has looked forward to since the day we were founded back in 1979.  For years we have blessed the union of same sex in a church ceremony even though it wasn’t recognised by the government.  Last year we were pleased to have the first Civil Partnership registered in our church building.  But now, finally at last, full equality for gay couples has arrived and we welcome it with very joyful hearts and look forward to celebrating the love of all couples.”

While MCC’s building has been registered for marriages for many years, they have only been able to offer legally recognised marriages to opposite sex couples even though they have a larger percentage of same sex couples in their congregation.  “As the pastor I have always treated the wedding ceremony equally and indeed referred to it as marriage for same sex couples because we believe that it is equal in the eyes of God.  We don’t believe God discriminates against a couple just because they happen to be of the same gender so we don’t either.  We are just glad that the law has finally caught up with us.”

MCC has said that they will offer a free marriage ceremony to the first couple who wishes to be married on the 29th March.  One couple has already enquired.  “Who knows,” said Rev Morgan, “if there are several couples wanting to marry on March 29th we might just do them all for free!”

Anyone wishing to marry at the church can contact the Rev Morgan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01202 430888.