Thursday, 12 October 2023 15:50

Bourne Free presents Sinderella, Balls Deep

Let me tell you about Sinderella, a tale that’s been around for hundreds of years, that started way back in ancient Greece and Egypt with a girl named Rhodopis. This story spanned the ages and saw its more modern version come back to life in 17th century France thanks to Charles Perrault, and later, took a darker turn thanks to the Brothers Grimm.

The Barrington Theatre

Friday 12th - Saturday 20th January 2024

She was living her worst life, doing all the chores for her evil stepmother and stepsisters. But one day, a ball was announced, and Sinderella's inner diva was unleashed.

With the help of her fairy godmother, she went from rags to riches, looking like a million dollars and ready to strut her stuff. The Prince was drooling all over her, but she had to bail before her Fenty turned back into fruit.

But don't worry, this isn't your average one-night stand. The Prince was so obsessed with Sinderella, he searched the entire kingdom for her. And when he found her, he didn't care that she wore rags or scrubbed floors; he was in love.

They lived happily ever after, and her stepsisters were left with nothing but jealousy and aching feet from trying on those glass slippers. Lesson learned: if you want to find true love, sometimes you have to leave a trail of sparkles and wear a great pair of shoes.

This pantomime is full of swearing, innuendo and all things tongue and cheek. Due to this, it will be a 16+ event only, thank you for understanding.

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