Friday, 29 May 2020 09:47

COVID-19 Impacts LGBT+ People Around the World

LGBT+ people around the world are being hit brutally hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who were already facing unbelievable challenges – living under anti-LGBT+ laws, forced to flee their home countries, getting kicked out by their families, facing violence and discrimination – are now literally struggling to survive.

But there's hope. For the past few months, All Out have been working with donors and foundations to raise over US$150,000 for the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. These donations are already going directly to the frontline where it's needed most. Because of the generosity that made this fund possible:

  • Dozens of queer migrants in northern Italy have a safe shelter and food, while they await massively delayed asylum processes.
  • More than 250 LGBT+ people in Kyrgyzstan who had lost their jobs or were facing homelessness have received care packages with PPE, food, and other supplies, like medication or hormone treatments.
  • 154 young LGBT+ people living with HIV/AIDS in rural Uganda – a country with one of the harshest lockdowns – were provided with food, vital medications, and hard-to-find PPE.
  • Dozens of queer people in Moscow – who are already forced to hide their identities under Russia's authoritarian regime – were provided with safe shelter, PPE, food, and critical social services.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. All Out have been delivering funds directly to about 50 groups in over 20 countries to help meet new and urgent needs the most vulnerable LGBT+ communities are facing.

Just one of those 30 heartbreaking cries for help is a shelter providing services to refugees in Kenya. Faced with ongoing strict lockdown, they urgently need funds for facemasks, hand sanitizers, food and immune boosters for those living with HIV.

Click here to start supporting this emergency relief work by becoming a monthly donor.

About All Out
All Out is a global movement fighting for a world where NO ONE has to sacrifice their family, freedom, safety, or dignity because of who they are or who they love. They mobilize thousands of people around the world to stand up for LGBT+ rights. When a moment of crisis or opportunity comes up – like an anti-gay law going to a vote or a crackdown on a Pride march – All Out works closely with partners to come up with inspiring ways for our members to take action.