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Share Your Cringe Moments
Are you a social media savvy teen with an opinion on everything from relationships to jobs to parenting? Do you think adults are out of touch with the 21st century? Do you cringe at the thought of what your parents wrote in their diaries at your age? OR Are you an adult who documented your
Weymouth Gay Group Summer BBQ
You are invited to enjoys some burgers and sausages with the Weymouth Gay Group on Friday 24th July and Saturday 22nd August. Meet up from 5pm until late by the Old Pier Bandstand (left) and join the guys for a laugh. Bring your own food and drink, BBQ units are supplied. If the famous
Bournemouth Council Amongst Best Local Authorities Tackling Anti-Gay Bullying In Schools
Bournemouth Council has been named by Stonewall as the one of the best local authorities in Britain for tackling homophobic and biphobic bullying and celebrating difference in its schools. Stonewall today publishes the Education Equality Index 2015, listing the Top 10 local authorities in Britain,

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