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Latest News & Events

Halloween at DYMK
Get ready for a Wicked Weekend at DYMk for Halloween. It's the Witches and Wizards Weekend on 30th and 31st October with scary shots for everyone in fancy dress.   DYMK is at 31 Poole Hill in Bournemouth.   
Meet Cliff House Hotel's new Mixologist Robert
Cliff House Hotel in Bournemouth has recruited local cocktail bartender Robert Haidau. Robert joins the team at the popular new hotel and brings with him a wealth of experience and mixology knowledge. Robert told us, "I cannot wait to showcase my cocktail skills in Cliff House Hotel’s Bar lounge."
See Marina & The Diamonds in Bournemouth
Pop and disco is cooler than it has ever been. No revelations there.  Marina (And The Diamonds) Diamandis is living, breathing, belting, vogue-ing proof of the unfathomable possibilities contained within organic pop in 2010. "I really couldn't give a damn whether pop's in fashion this week or

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